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Student access 

After account creation or login you can add resources and get started by selecting ENTER ACCESS CODE from the menu.

Your student access code is the combination of numbers and letters that you use to activate a NelsonNet resource. There are two ways to get a student access code:

  • Purchase a printed student book that has a student access card in the back. Scratch off a strip to reveal the code. If your book has four codes and you plan to sell the print book secondhand, you can leave the card in the back of the book to allow access for up to three other students.
  • Purchase an individual student access card.

Each code can only be used once. If you’re using a secondhand printed book and your student access code isn’t working, it may have already been used.

Most student access codes last 26 months from the time of activation.


Teacher access

After teacher account creation or login you can apply for teacher resources by completing the form found on the Request a Title page (top menu bar).

Search or browse for the relevant title and enter the required adoption details. Your education consultant will validate these before providing access.

Teacher access provides teacher-only online resources, such as tests, answer sheets and curriculum grids, and give a higher level of access to eBook tools.

Please note that teacher-level access to NelsonNet resources for a publication is only available to schools that use the title as a core resource, i.e. where students use the resource on a one-to-one basis.

If you wish to have student-level access to an eBook, simply enter an unused student access code from the back of a printed student book or purchase a student access card.

If your school’s use of the books changes and you wish to upgrade your access level, contact your education consultant.