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NelsonNetBooks are customisable, interactive eBooks that can be used online and offline. You can annotate your eBooks using a range of tools and link to resources. Teachers can choose to share their annotations with students using the Groups feature (see ‘Groups’). 

Create: Annotate your eBook with notes and voice recordings

Link: Add hyperlinks between pages or to external websites

View: Zoom in and out of two-page or single-page views

Navigate: Browse by page, access table of contents, create bookmarks and search within your eBook

Groups: Create class groups for teachers to share notes and instructions

Access: Find worksheets, weblinks, interactives, quizzes, videos and other learning resources

Download: Download your eBook to your laptop, desktop or iPad for use offline

To download the readers for your eBook, go to your Bookshelf, hover over your book and select ‘View available apps’. You can then read about and download the readers that are suitable for you.